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We select the finest anchovies of the harvest of the Seto inland sea, as the material of "Setouchi Olatura."

Anchovies will be salted on the same day as they are fished out of the sea so that we can keep the freshness of them. We also put sake lees that are the special key to ferment the material.

And we patiently take care of it for three years until it becomes a fine quality of "Setouchi Colatura."

The anchovy that has been caught in the Seto Inland Sea bay, salted the same day.

And ¬, wait patiently three years. Then, you the highest quality Setouchi Fish sauce. is finished.



Shigeru Usagawa

The manager of the manufacturing team of Setouchi Colatura.

Message ........ from the general manager Usagawa Shigeru manufacturing craftsman


For keeping the natural quality, we do NOT use any synthetic preservatives or chemical seasonings.

Please check out what we do on YOUTUBE. You can see all the process of manufacturing of our Setouchi Colatura.




Natural materials and Japan quality of anchovy of Usagawa Fisheries
Broth of anchovy without any smell in the Japanese tradition of skills has come out 100 percent.
Of course, such as synthetic preservatives and artificial seasonings and chemical seasoning the manufacturing process in the absence of use has UP in YOUTUBE.
All of the manufacturing process is open without a secret.


Chefs of four-star restaurants say, "We can trust the quality and the taste of Setouchi Colatura because Usagawa's manufacturing process witout using any chemical seasonings."


Usagawa has a storage for preserving Setouchi Colatura for one year period, two years, and three years respectively.


Chef of the four-star restaurant on secure safety is confirming the fact of startle innovative taste of the level of taste has been flooded with orders.
There is no doubt referred to as "delicious something of today dinner" from customers in the four-star restaurant.
This is the rut of the taste of first-class chef fear most.
This is a danger sign of a four-star restaurant decline exit that is said to be "I do not change always" from customers.
In the Usa River Fisheries There are storage ripening period 1-year, 2-year, 3-year, but the taste is different, respectively.
The use fee of tricks, salt of the weather, humidity, temperature and barrels of care-craftsman, different doneness of Setouchi Fish sauce.
Exiting the difference in the color of Setouchi Fishsauce it is to make wholeheartedly skills of traditional craftsmen of Japanese say. Difference in color differences and taste does not is the inferior that it was lazy and quality.
It may be profitable at ease if also with color use the synthetic seasonings and synthetic preservatives in mass production.

However, in order to respond to the passion of the chef sought with passion in the process pouring heart and soul in a purposely difficult process we have Fish sauce prepared.

Setouchi Fish sauce that top chefs are found continued demand is now in the

Setouchi Fish sauce the chef is deemed continued demand is received your order is kept alive the craftsmanship to make sure in the tongue, such as Embassy cruise ship, airplane of first-class Japanese tradition of the restaurant from the four-star restaurant is now, repeater and ardent fans have proliferated all over the world..
This is also I am pleased with the gift of the introduction in leading fellow pride and pride of the top chefs.
The real thing is I knew the first time and know the real thing.
Taste of the world is the reputation and spread. Four-star restaurant chef to be a revolutionary highest quality of seasoning will please rate.

So Usagawa I feel pride and joy in the manufacture of Setouchi Fish sauce.
Thank you because you created now in good faith first-class chefs and passionate repeater like the expectations and needs Setouchi Fish sauce-anchovy soup stock by pouring 120% of passion in demand

Eventually Usagawa
will be prepared in order to provide a Setouchi Fish sauce for "Like" in Desperation and dreamed of the day that is recognized as a brand that becomes the Japan Quality tradition.